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Based on Forbes list of most powerful women, I am presenting 16 self made female entrepreneurs of 2013.  These are powerful women in the world today.  These females are challenging a woman’s “place” in business.  These inspirational ladies are transforming the business platform regardless of where they live; developed or undeveloped countries.  Be inspired by these change makers and learn that anything is possible for anyone if one is willing to do what everyone else refuses to do and has a definite purpose regardless of gender, location, childhood, race, ethnicity, etc.  Here are the most powerful female entrepreneurs of 2013:

Sara Blakely:

sara blakely

Founder of Spanx

Revenue: Spanx receives over $250 million annually

How It Started: At 29, Blakely invested her $5,000 life savings trying to find a flattering solution to wear under her white slacks to hide her thong lines.

Accomplishment: Blakely is the world’s youngest self made billionaire.

Blakely went from being a Disney World greeter and door-to-door salesperson to today, where she owns 100% of Spanx.

Gisele Bundchen:

gisele bundchen

Founder of Sejaa Pure Skincare, Supermodel, Lucrative Merchandising Partnerships

Net Worth – $42 million

How It Started: Throughout her career, Bundchen became very involved in humanitarian and environmental work.  She became more aware of what she was putting in and on her body.  This was her inspiration to develop the ideal skincare collection.

Accomplishment: Bundchen is on track to becoming the world’s first billionaire supermodel, as well as Brazil’s first self-made model.

As a child, Bundchen dreamed of being a professional volleyball player until she found her purpose after taking a modeling course at 13.

Tory Burch:

tory burch

Founder and CEO of Self Named Tory Burch, fashion

Net Worth – $1 billion

Adversity – As Burch launched her business, she found it difficult to adjust to the long hours of commitment and her work life balance.  She would put her children to bed and then be on the phone until 4 am with her office in Hong Kong.

Big Break – Burch received 8 million hits on her website and media coverage from her editor friends in the magazine world after receiving a shout out from Oprah Winfrey show’s “Next Big Thing.”

Burch has organized the Tory Burch Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs.

Weili Dai:

weili dai

Co-founder of Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

Net Worth – $1 billion

Adversity – Marvell has been appealing a court ruling forcing the company to pay Carnegie-Mellon University $1.17 billion in a data storage patent infringement case.  This case is still ongoing.

Accomplishment – Dai is the only woman co-founder of a global semi-conductor company

Dai uses her platform as a leading foreign-born engineer to gain support for immigration reform.  She is particularly involved in keeping highly skilled international technology grads in the US.

Arianna Huffington:

arianna huffington

Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Huffington Post

Huffington sold the Huffington Post for $300 million to AOL and became president and editor-in-chief of company’s Huffington Post Media Group.

How It Started – The online site was launched in 2005.  Huffington Post was initially known for its blogging, liberal punditry, and news aggregation.

Accomplishment – Huffington Post publishes international editions in Canada, Great Britain, France, and Spain

Huffington is the author of more than a dozen books.

Huffington Post site hit 250 million comments in May 2013.

Beyonce Knowles:

beyonce knowles

Co-Founder of House of Dereon, Actress, Musician

Net Worth – $53 million

Adversity – In 2008, Beyonce received much criticism in the press for House of Dereon’s new kids line.

Inspiration – Beyonce is inspired by her grandmother, Agnez Dereon, a self-taught seamstress from New Orleans who created custom clothing and home furnishings throughout the south in earlier years.

Beyonce created House of Dereon with her mother, Tina.

Yang Lan:

yang lan

Co-Founder of Sun Television Cybernetworks (Sun TV)

When traded on the Hong Kong stock exchange in April 1999, SunTV was valued at $179 million

Risk – Lan chose to report on in-depth journalism over the popular mass-market variety-show format.  It was this risk that captured the attention of Lan’s many viewers.

Within the first year of her first media job with Zheng Da, Lan made the show China’s top-rated television program, with an audience of 220 million; reviewers of the show began to compare Lan to Oprah Winfrey.

Lan has sold over 600,000 copies of a book of essays, travel logs, and historical sketches she compiled while at Columbia University.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw:

kiran mazumdar shaw

Founder of Biocon

In 2010, Biocon made $93 million profit on $466 million in revenue.

Inspiration – Shaw watched her close friend battle, struggle, and eventually lose to cancer.  This impacted Shaw’s life and allowed her to determine her meaningful purpose; to create affordable cancer center for the rising number of individuals who are affected by the killer disease each day.

How It Started – In 1978, starting with around $1,000 in seed money, Shaw set up a manufacturing unit that became India’s largest enzyme company.  This company was transformed into a bio-pharmaceutical company in the early 2000’s.

Shaw knows her mission and purpose in life is to create a legacy of affordable healthcare.

Rosalia Mera:

rosalia mera

Co-Founder of Inditex

Mera is the world’s wealthiest self made woman with a net worth of $6.1 billion

Revenue – $22 billion per year

Risk – 11-year old Mera left school to work as a seamstress.

Accomplishment – The line of clothing Mera began producing at her home was eventually built into an international retailer.

Rosalia Mera passed away at 69 after expanding her company to 400 cities worldwide.

J.K. Rowling:

JK rowling

Founder of the Harry Potter Empire, author

Net Worth – $1 billion

Adversity – Early in her life, Rowling experienced a short-lived marriage, she was jobless, a single mother, and she was as poor as she could possibly get in Great Britain without being homeless.  To her though, failure meant stripping away the inessentials in her life.  Rowling began to direct all her energy into finishing the one work that mattered most to her, and through this, discovered her purpose.

Accomplishment – Rowling went from a well-fare mother to building a billion-dollar branding empire.

J.K. Rowling is the first billion-dollar author.

Sofia Vergara:

sofia vergara

Co-Founder of Latin WE (Latin World Entertainment), actress

Net Worth – $30 million

Latin WE 2011 Revenue – $27 million

Adversity – When Vergara came to the US in 1995, she had no one to represent her.  Vergara saw opportunity, but could not find a manager.  She eventually paid an intern to step in as her manager.

Accomplishment – “I can’t think of anyone else on U.S. television with such a thick accent since Ricky Riccardo,” she told Forbes with a big smile on her face.

Sofia Vergara is Forbes’ Top-Earning Actress on U.S. Television.

Diane von Furstenberg:

diane von furstenberger

Founder of DVF, fashion

Life Lessons – Von Furstenberg’s mother was liberated from Auschwitz concentration camp.  This taught her that fear is not an option in life.

Accomplishment – Von Furstenberg’s collections are sold in over 55 countries, and she has dressed Michelle Obama and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Diane von Furstenberg has found freedom, very simple freedom and independence through her work.

Cher Wang:

cher wang

Co-Founder of HTC

HTC Market Capitalization – $21 billion

Adversity – Wang is orchestrating her way through ongoing patent battles between HTC and Apple.

Accomplishment – HTC phones are among the best sellers at AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

Cher Wang and her husband are worth $6.8 billion, making them the wealthiest couple in Taiwan.

Oprah Winfrey:

oprah winfrey

Founder and CEO of OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network)

Net Worth – $2.9 billion

Adversity – Since its inception, OWN has been a struggling network.  The network’s cash flow was finally positive for the first time in 2013.

Accomplishment – Winfrey is Forbes’ Highest-Earning Celebrity of 2013 (grossing $77 million).

Oprah Winfrey is Forbes’ only African American billionaire.

Zhang Xin:

zhang xin

Co-Founder of SOHO China, real estate

Net Worth – $3.7 billion

Adversity – Being in the real estate industry, Xin has to worry about how the real estate bubble in China may affect her business.  The real estate bubble also leads to many hated real estate developers like herself.

Accomplishment – Xin’s company is one of the largest property developers in China

Wu Yajun:

wu yajun

Co-Founder of Longfor Properties, real estate

Net Worth – $3.7 billion

Adversity – Yajun recently divorced her husband, giving him a 30% stake in the company.  Longfor Properties’ stock declined after the divorce news broke out, but has rebounded somewhat since.

Accomplishment – In October 2013, Yajun was China’s richest woman.

Wu Yajun holds a degree in navigation engineering from Northwestern Polytechnic University.

In this list of the world’s most powerful female entrepreneurs, I have highlighted adversity, inspiration, and rising above that adversity which has led these women to remarkable accomplishments.  Many of these women were looking for solutions to problems they found in their every day lives.  Many of the entrepreneurs on this list found their meaningful purpose through these solutions and through their work.  BE INSPIRED!  Go out and find what you were put on this earth to do, what you are naturally inclined to do, your personal talents and uniqueness.  Above all, when you find your mission in life, stop at nothing to achieve that mission.  Battle adversity, keep your vision at the forefront and achieve every dream and goal you have during your lifetime!  Go out and do what you were put here to do!


1. Your goals are unreasonable.  I don’t want you to end up being disappointed.

And here it is.  The big one.  The number one thought we are brainwashed from birth to have!  This thought is the major reason why we limit ourselves.  It is the major reason why we never reach our full potential.  And it is the reason why we are disappointed in life.

If there is one thought you decide to correct within these top ten, make it this one!  There is no such thing as an unreasonable goal set too high.  That is absolutely ridiculous!  When you set your goals high, you work harder, longer, and with more enthusiasm to reach that goal.

This is the reality: whether you set your goal below your expectations, or set them higher than you could ever imagine, you will probably not reach either goal.  However, when you set your goal as high as you can, you end up accomplishing much more than if you were to set a goal with intentionally lower expectations to avoid disappointment.  If you don’t reach either goal, which goal would you rather fall short of.  The goal that is set near impossible expectations, or the goal that you know you can accomplish.  If I set a goal I knew was possible to accomplish and then did not reach that goal, I would be much more disappointed than if I failed to reach a goal that was set to touch the sky.

We must move away from everything everyone has ever told us about setting goals.  Goals need to be realistic.  Not at all, set them as high as you like and work toward it every day.  You will never know your true potential until you do.  Set a time limit on your goals.  No way.  Your goals should give you such motivation that you wake up every day wanting to achieve them, no matter how long it takes.  And when you reach that goal, set it even higher.  When you work toward something out of reach, it motivates you to work harder than you would normally work for something that you know is achievable.  Don’t be afraid of failure, be afraid of not fulfilling your potential.

When people tell you “I don’t want you to be disappointed” it usually means, “slow down buddy, you are working way too hard for me to keep up with.”  You aren’t living to stay at an even pace as your friend.  You’re living to fulfill your potential.  You will not achieve true success until you do.  Truly successful people stick to their goals, despite what others advise, the opposition they come up against, and the criticism they receive for their commitment to fulfill their potential.  Don’t let others influence what you do in your lifetime.  Live your life for you and your family, and attain the success you deserve!


2. Money isn’t everything.

While money may not be everything, no money is not anything.  Many people hate admitting that money means a lot.  To overcome this love for money, people rationalize with sayings like:

“Money Can’t Buy Happiness”

“Money Can’t Buy Love”

“People Who Love Money Are Selfish”

The list goes on an on.  The fact is, money is not the main objective.  Most successful people know that money leads to financial freedom, and financial freedom leads to happiness, love, and charity.  Most stress comes from tough monetary decisions.  Should I invest in a new car today or do I need to save this money so I can buy groceries for my family at the end of the week?  When you create a financially free life for you and your family, you create a happy, stress-free environment.

Many couples argue over money.  Women love to shop.  Men love their toys (cars, tools, grills, etc.).  Go back through the past month of your life.  How many times during the past month have you argued with a parent, child, spouse, partner, etc. about money?  I’m sure it happens quite often.  Now think about how the past month would be if you removed all of those arguments dealing with money in any way.  Which life do you prefer?

While money may not be everything in life, the ability to live without financial obligations provides a great life for us all.  Money is not the direct cause of happiness, but it is definitely a product of happiness.  Don’t let others put you down if you are money-hungry.  Keep working and stay money conscious to create the life you deserve; free from money troubles, arguments with people you love, and major stress.  Work hard for money now, and make a better life for many people around you.


3. Competition is good.  It pushes you.

This is an extremely common phrase we hear, a lot of times in sports.  We are told by parents and coaches that a little competition is good for you.  It motivates you to work harder to be better than the other person.  This may be true in some cases, but what happens when your competition is weak?  Does competition still push you to be better then?  Or do you relax a bit because you feel you don’t have to work as hard?  Competition does not always have the benefit we think it does.

Instead of focusing on staying competitive, shift your focus to DOMINATION.  When you dominate in your field, whatever field that may be, you have no competition.  You are so far ahead of the competition, having so much more skill, that no one can offer anything close to what you provide.

How do we dominate?  Begin by taking small steps.  The first step is to dominate the space you are in.  Whether its the classroom, the conference room, or the living room, dominate your space.  To dominate, you must become an expert in whatever you are doing.  When someone thinks of your field, you want to be the only name that pops into their head.  That is domination!

To truly dominate, you must break through obscurity.  Obscurity means you are not known.  If you are not known, you are not reaching enough people, and you are not establishing yourself as a master in your field.  To break through obscurity, you have to put yourself out there.  Get social media and tweet and post until you become unfriended by everyone.  Provide the absolute best services every single time.  Build relationships with every person you interact with.  Work to overcome obscurity by putting yourself out there!

If you strive to dominate, you work harder to reach your potential every day.  You do not have to rely on someone pushing you to be better; you want to be the best.  Don’t let anyone else control your success.  Make you the sole responsibility of attaining your own success.


4. There is no opportunity in this economy.  It is impossible to get a job.

We hear a similar phrase over and over again.  We hear it from all different people; family, friends, former coworkers.  The reality is, it is far from impossible to get a job, many people are just unwilling to take a job that they believe are “below” them.  There are plenty job opportunities in this country.  Now is the time to get up and grind with whatever type of job is available, increasing the opportunities you will come across.

A perfect example of a man getting it done in this economy is my uncle.  Here is his story:

My uncle has been all over this country, as well as the world.  He got a good education and was a top dog at Bank of America before the 2008 recession hit.  At this time, many banks began to downsize at an alarming rate, and many were bailed out at government expense.  Before he was released from the bank, he did very well for his family, and did a great service for the bank.

Unlike most people in this economy, after his release from his well paying, high status job, he continued to do well for his family and do whatever he could to continue to add to his wealth.  Being a finance guy, he crunched the numbers and made a rigid budget for him and his family to stick to.  By the way, his family consists of my aunt, his three little girls, and his pet dog.  It is a difficult task to control the spending habits of the four females in his house alone.

He went from a powerful position at the bank to doing whatever it takes for his family’s survival.  He began to read books on financing, budgeting, and growing a person’s worth.  He did what many people in his position would refuse to do.  He started to create multiple flows on income.  He learned of a job available at Walmart…and he took it.  He took the job that provided little respect and self-worth.  He disliked the job very much, and occasionally had some really good stories about the people of Walmart, but he did what he could to keep his family’s lifestyle stable.

He also began selling real estate.  He continues to buy more property as his business expands.  He took advantage of every opportunity available to him.  If a neighbor needed a driveway shoveled, or some grass cut, he was the person who was taking the job.  He began scrapping any extra metals or aluminum anyone had.  He found every opportunity for income and he exploited it.

Unlike most people, his family’s lifestyle never had to change in the past few years after my uncle’s bank job.  He did whatever he needed to do to ensure that.  In the last year, my uncle and his family invested in an underground pool for their yard, installed a fence around their property, and bought a new vehicle.  These are not the cheapest investments.

My uncle has established a reputation as a hardworking, dependable person, willing to do any job with a positive attitude.  This reputation has led to a great deal of referrals by people he has done work for in the past few years.  He started consulting at a local bank a few times a week and today he has his own consulting business.

He has been very successful taking massive action, when most of his counterparts refused to take any action and blame the economy for their trouble.  His monetary success during this time is one of many examples of his expertise in consulting.  In a time when most people quit taking action and blames the economy, my uncle took even more action and had a whatever it takes attitude to get it done for him and his family.

I hope this inspires many of you to forget blaming your success/failure on outside forces.  At the end of the day, your success/failure is a direct reflection of you and what you are doing.  Never decline an opportunity.  Nothing is below you.  Do what you have to do.  Operate at levels of massive action.  Grow up and provide for yourself and your family.  The economy is no longer an excuse.


6. You have to learn to accept when someone tells you ‘no.’

This is a HUGE mistake many are conditioned to think.  Many believe you just have to lie down and accept it when someone tells you ‘no.’  That is the furthest thing from the truth!

This country is struggling from a lack of persistence.  In fact, many people go in the opposite direction of persistence.  They are permissive, unmotivated, and afraid to come off as offensive.  These people will never get what they want in life.  They will continue to believe that if someone says ‘no’ to them, there is nothing to change the person’s mind and it is what it is.  These are the people who will work their entire lives to make other peoples’ dreams come true.  The other people who are not afraid to push through resistance, to put pressure on another person, and believe in themselves will find true success.  The successful will persist through any obstacles, objections, or setbacks if getting a ‘yes’ will put them closer to their goals.

Watching a training seminar of Grant Cardone’s the other day, he discussed the topic of putting pressure on the other party.  He said one thing that hit me.  He told his audience, pressure isn’t a bad thing, a lot of good things come from pressure.  “Pressure makes diamonds.”  Grant Cardone’s example was the simplest way to show the power of pressure and all the good it does.

We need to pressure others sometimes.  Others sometimes need that pressure to make up their mind.  Pressure should not be viewed in a negative light.  And when someone says ‘no,’ it should not be the end all, be all.  I challenge you to change your mindset.  I pressure you to persist to the fullest extent and observe how it changes your life.  We can all be a little more persistent.  We must be confident that we are pressuring someone into doing something good for themselves, something that will make life easier.  We must first sell ourselves on the ‘yes’ and then apply the pressure and go get our ‘yes’.

Identify what you want.  Determine your purpose.  Do everything it takes to get closer to achieving your goals.  This includes putting pressure on those who are in your way to say ‘yes.’  Be sold on your purpose and your mission, and it will be nothing to apply some pressure if it will align you with your mission.  Go out and get what you want out of life!




7. You need to save money.

Since the beginning of time, people have passed on stories and myths form generation to generation.  These stories have endured since the first man and woman lived on the planet, the Story of Adam and Eve.  Many stories change from time to time as they go through the grapevine of human existence.  Some details are discarded, some embellished.  Most importantly, many stories are altered to apply to the lives we live today.  

For something to feel relevant, it must be applicable to you.  We find it almost impossible to appreciate stories of our great ancestors hunting, fishing, living on the land, with no money to buy readily available material objects.  Instead, stories are twisted many times over, and we are told a form of the story, but not quite how it happened.  It becomes a real concept to us and applicable to our lives.  

This is true for many of the stories and myths that have proven to battle time and continue to be told today.  But there are some stories passed down from generation to generation that refuse to change and disregard that times are different now.  These are the most dangerous kinds of stories.  

We have all heard it throughout our lives.  That voice inside our head repeats it to us every time we look to spend money on a nice vacation or even buy an ice cream cone.  It says, “You need to save money.”  Our parents told us to save the money we got in our birthday cards when we were younger.  One of the first gifts you receive as a child is a piggy bank.  Its an idea passed down to us starting with our parents, our parents heard the same thing for many years from their parents and so on.  

SAVE, SAVE, SAVE.  That is all we are told.  That might have been the idea for past generations, but things continue to change in the world and in humankind, just as it always has been changing.  Your parents weren’t told by their parents that they have to go out and hunt their food if they want to eat dinner.  That’s because life has changed from the time where you have to go out, track animals, and hope to kill one to bring home dinner for your family.  The same thing applies to the idea of saving money.

Our economy is still in a state of contraction.  People believe more than ever, especially the older generation, that you must save to survive.  There advice is understandable.  Its the way they have been conditioned to think.  But now is not the time to save money.  And you will not be very successful if you hide all your money in the bank.

In this economy, you must save only to reinvest and make more money.  Many will think you are crazy.  Ignore them.  You can’t tie up all your money in the bank.  It is not doing you any good that way.  Every person is a business.  You do not need your money in the bank, you need your money in your business.  Reinvest in yourself.  

The way to survive in this economy is to create multiple flows of income.  Do not be dependent on one single flow of cash.  Invest to create multiple flows.  And continue to reinvest for more growth and more opportunity.  Your number one goal should be to increase your income.  It is impossible to increase your income if you are locking all your money up in the bank.  Defy groupthink.  Don’t be afraid to be criticized.  Just look at all the people who are focused entirely on saving…is anyone changing their financial situation?

Be bold, be courageous, and increase your income to enjoy the life you want.  Reinvest in yourself to get more out of life.



8. You’re young; these days are supposed to be carefree and fun.

This message is heard so often in our society.  From parents attempting to live through their children, encouraging their kids to do things they never got to try when they were younger, to collaborative songs by Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg.  You’re not supposed to have anything tying you down in life when you’re young, no obligations, no responsibility.  

Living carefree and fun means you are living without a purpose.  How can you have fun in life if you have no money, can’t afford your car or phone payments, and you don’t own anything?  

This is the time to work.  The time to grind.  The time to stay up late into the night working on a project, and still have the resilience to bounce up in the morning, have some caffeine and go at it again.  Many take a while to discover who they are at a young age.  Some people mature more quickly than others.  Jump into something.  Get involved.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  By getting involved and exploiting every opportunity you have while you are young, you will have fun.  More importantly, you will learn who you are.  

How are you supposed to know who you are if you continue to float through life on the same, carefree path.  Get out there and do something.  ANYTHING.  You will learn what you like and what you don’t like, the things you value, what is important to you and what you believe.  You’ll meet a ton of people who may prove to be invaluable resources later in your life.  You can’t sit around and use the excuse, “I’m young.  I’m supposed to live a carefree, fun life.”  That is just an EXCUSE.  

Quit fulfilling this misconception.  Don’t use it as an excuse, use it as an opportunity to rise above and get ahead.  Start playing the game called life.  Don’t follow the crowd.  Immerse yourself in something.  And never stop.  Live life to fulfill your potential, to satisfy your purpose.  That is the life worth living and working hard for.


5. You can’t get a good job without a college degree.

In my opinion one of the biggest government scams of all time.  When did someone’s competency directly relate to obtaining a college degree?  As a current college student, I’d like to confess, I learned very little in many of my college classes.  To be fair, many classes I learned a great deal in, but I still do not think it justifies the cost of attending a college or university.

I think we grow up and go to college just because we think it is what we are supposed to do.  We are apparently supposed to get good grades in high school so we have our choice in which overpriced school we would like to go to, to be stuck in a classroom all day learning theory, and slammed with homework on that theory so we barely have time to get a job and get real experience on our own.  After four to six and a half years later, we will graduate.  And do you know what we get? A piece of paper with our name on it and about $80,000 owed to the government.

And it gets even better.  Instead of starting to chunk away at that huge debt that we will be paying back for the rest of our lives, society mocks us even further and asks if we want to continue our education…and of course take out more loans as well.  What a great experience! Oh yeah, I forgot, I will continue my education and sit in that classroom learning theory all day while I rack up my debt even more.  Soon people will be passing down their college debt onto their children in their wills!

Now don’t get me wrong.  College isn’t evil.  I believe college can be important, just not necessary to get a job you want or attain success.  I think a higher education is very important for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc.  And those are very tough careers.  However, I want to do something more daring than all of those professions.  I want to be an entrepreneur.  I want to run my business the way I want and not be stuck to rigid theory.  Yes, there are things that have worked overtime, but if everything happened based on a rigid formula, 1. everyone would be doing it, and 2. there would be no innovation in the world.

The point I am making is this: as young adults, we don’t actually make the decision to go to college or not.  Many just decide to go to school because they believe that is what is expected of them.  Reasons people don’t go to college includes money issues, possibly sick family members, among other things.  We never choose and say, either I want to go to college, or I don’t want to go to college.  We don’t question what we will get out of the experience or if we really need it.  We are told we need it, but many of us who get there struggle to hold on.  There is only so much theory one girl can take.

Many of the most successful people never went to high school let alone college.  I’m sure you are familiar with many of them.  Thomas Edison did not even finish school, let alone go to college, because his teachers believed he was slow and asked too many questions.  The list of billionaire dropouts is something that is inspiring.  Names on the list include Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs, among others.  These were individuals who took the time to think about what they wanted to do and how they were going to get there.  They swam against society’s current and made a name for themselves.

Channel your inner Steve Jobs or Thomas Edison.  Decide what is right for you, not what is expected by society, your parents, friends, etc.  Do what is right for you and achieve the success you want in life.