10 Brainwashing Thoughts We Are Conditioned To Believe #6

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Uncategorized


6. You have to learn to accept when someone tells you ‘no.’

This is a HUGE mistake many are conditioned to think.  Many believe you just have to lie down and accept it when someone tells you ‘no.’  That is the furthest thing from the truth!

This country is struggling from a lack of persistence.  In fact, many people go in the opposite direction of persistence.  They are permissive, unmotivated, and afraid to come off as offensive.  These people will never get what they want in life.  They will continue to believe that if someone says ‘no’ to them, there is nothing to change the person’s mind and it is what it is.  These are the people who will work their entire lives to make other peoples’ dreams come true.  The other people who are not afraid to push through resistance, to put pressure on another person, and believe in themselves will find true success.  The successful will persist through any obstacles, objections, or setbacks if getting a ‘yes’ will put them closer to their goals.

Watching a training seminar of Grant Cardone’s the other day, he discussed the topic of putting pressure on the other party.  He said one thing that hit me.  He told his audience, pressure isn’t a bad thing, a lot of good things come from pressure.  “Pressure makes diamonds.”  Grant Cardone’s example was the simplest way to show the power of pressure and all the good it does.

We need to pressure others sometimes.  Others sometimes need that pressure to make up their mind.  Pressure should not be viewed in a negative light.  And when someone says ‘no,’ it should not be the end all, be all.  I challenge you to change your mindset.  I pressure you to persist to the fullest extent and observe how it changes your life.  We can all be a little more persistent.  We must be confident that we are pressuring someone into doing something good for themselves, something that will make life easier.  We must first sell ourselves on the ‘yes’ and then apply the pressure and go get our ‘yes’.

Identify what you want.  Determine your purpose.  Do everything it takes to get closer to achieving your goals.  This includes putting pressure on those who are in your way to say ‘yes.’  Be sold on your purpose and your mission, and it will be nothing to apply some pressure if it will align you with your mission.  Go out and get what you want out of life!


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