10 Brainwashing Thoughts We Are Conditioned to Believe #3

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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3. Competition is good.  It pushes you.

This is an extremely common phrase we hear, a lot of times in sports.  We are told by parents and coaches that a little competition is good for you.  It motivates you to work harder to be better than the other person.  This may be true in some cases, but what happens when your competition is weak?  Does competition still push you to be better then?  Or do you relax a bit because you feel you don’t have to work as hard?  Competition does not always have the benefit we think it does.

Instead of focusing on staying competitive, shift your focus to DOMINATION.  When you dominate in your field, whatever field that may be, you have no competition.  You are so far ahead of the competition, having so much more skill, that no one can offer anything close to what you provide.

How do we dominate?  Begin by taking small steps.  The first step is to dominate the space you are in.  Whether its the classroom, the conference room, or the living room, dominate your space.  To dominate, you must become an expert in whatever you are doing.  When someone thinks of your field, you want to be the only name that pops into their head.  That is domination!

To truly dominate, you must break through obscurity.  Obscurity means you are not known.  If you are not known, you are not reaching enough people, and you are not establishing yourself as a master in your field.  To break through obscurity, you have to put yourself out there.  Get social media and tweet and post until you become unfriended by everyone.  Provide the absolute best services every single time.  Build relationships with every person you interact with.  Work to overcome obscurity by putting yourself out there!

If you strive to dominate, you work harder to reach your potential every day.  You do not have to rely on someone pushing you to be better; you want to be the best.  Don’t let anyone else control your success.  Make you the sole responsibility of attaining your own success.


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