10 Brainwashing Thoughts We Are Conditioned To Believe #4

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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4. There is no opportunity in this economy.  It is impossible to get a job.

We hear a similar phrase over and over again.  We hear it from all different people; family, friends, former coworkers.  The reality is, it is far from impossible to get a job, many people are just unwilling to take a job that they believe are “below” them.  There are plenty job opportunities in this country.  Now is the time to get up and grind with whatever type of job is available, increasing the opportunities you will come across.

A perfect example of a man getting it done in this economy is my uncle.  Here is his story:

My uncle has been all over this country, as well as the world.  He got a good education and was a top dog at Bank of America before the 2008 recession hit.  At this time, many banks began to downsize at an alarming rate, and many were bailed out at government expense.  Before he was released from the bank, he did very well for his family, and did a great service for the bank.

Unlike most people in this economy, after his release from his well paying, high status job, he continued to do well for his family and do whatever he could to continue to add to his wealth.  Being a finance guy, he crunched the numbers and made a rigid budget for him and his family to stick to.  By the way, his family consists of my aunt, his three little girls, and his pet dog.  It is a difficult task to control the spending habits of the four females in his house alone.

He went from a powerful position at the bank to doing whatever it takes for his family’s survival.  He began to read books on financing, budgeting, and growing a person’s worth.  He did what many people in his position would refuse to do.  He started to create multiple flows on income.  He learned of a job available at Walmart…and he took it.  He took the job that provided little respect and self-worth.  He disliked the job very much, and occasionally had some really good stories about the people of Walmart, but he did what he could to keep his family’s lifestyle stable.

He also began selling real estate.  He continues to buy more property as his business expands.  He took advantage of every opportunity available to him.  If a neighbor needed a driveway shoveled, or some grass cut, he was the person who was taking the job.  He began scrapping any extra metals or aluminum anyone had.  He found every opportunity for income and he exploited it.

Unlike most people, his family’s lifestyle never had to change in the past few years after my uncle’s bank job.  He did whatever he needed to do to ensure that.  In the last year, my uncle and his family invested in an underground pool for their yard, installed a fence around their property, and bought a new vehicle.  These are not the cheapest investments.

My uncle has established a reputation as a hardworking, dependable person, willing to do any job with a positive attitude.  This reputation has led to a great deal of referrals by people he has done work for in the past few years.  He started consulting at a local bank a few times a week and today he has his own consulting business.

He has been very successful taking massive action, when most of his counterparts refused to take any action and blame the economy for their trouble.  His monetary success during this time is one of many examples of his expertise in consulting.  In a time when most people quit taking action and blames the economy, my uncle took even more action and had a whatever it takes attitude to get it done for him and his family.

I hope this inspires many of you to forget blaming your success/failure on outside forces.  At the end of the day, your success/failure is a direct reflection of you and what you are doing.  Never decline an opportunity.  Nothing is below you.  Do what you have to do.  Operate at levels of massive action.  Grow up and provide for yourself and your family.  The economy is no longer an excuse.


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