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1. Your goals are unreasonable.  I don’t want you to end up being disappointed.

And here it is.  The big one.  The number one thought we are brainwashed from birth to have!  This thought is the major reason why we limit ourselves.  It is the major reason why we never reach our full potential.  And it is the reason why we are disappointed in life.

If there is one thought you decide to correct within these top ten, make it this one!  There is no such thing as an unreasonable goal set too high.  That is absolutely ridiculous!  When you set your goals high, you work harder, longer, and with more enthusiasm to reach that goal.

This is the reality: whether you set your goal below your expectations, or set them higher than you could ever imagine, you will probably not reach either goal.  However, when you set your goal as high as you can, you end up accomplishing much more than if you were to set a goal with intentionally lower expectations to avoid disappointment.  If you don’t reach either goal, which goal would you rather fall short of.  The goal that is set near impossible expectations, or the goal that you know you can accomplish.  If I set a goal I knew was possible to accomplish and then did not reach that goal, I would be much more disappointed than if I failed to reach a goal that was set to touch the sky.

We must move away from everything everyone has ever told us about setting goals.  Goals need to be realistic.  Not at all, set them as high as you like and work toward it every day.  You will never know your true potential until you do.  Set a time limit on your goals.  No way.  Your goals should give you such motivation that you wake up every day wanting to achieve them, no matter how long it takes.  And when you reach that goal, set it even higher.  When you work toward something out of reach, it motivates you to work harder than you would normally work for something that you know is achievable.  Don’t be afraid of failure, be afraid of not fulfilling your potential.

When people tell you “I don’t want you to be disappointed” it usually means, “slow down buddy, you are working way too hard for me to keep up with.”  You aren’t living to stay at an even pace as your friend.  You’re living to fulfill your potential.  You will not achieve true success until you do.  Truly successful people stick to their goals, despite what others advise, the opposition they come up against, and the criticism they receive for their commitment to fulfill their potential.  Don’t let others influence what you do in your lifetime.  Live your life for you and your family, and attain the success you deserve!



4. There is no opportunity in this economy.  It is impossible to get a job.

We hear a similar phrase over and over again.  We hear it from all different people; family, friends, former coworkers.  The reality is, it is far from impossible to get a job, many people are just unwilling to take a job that they believe are “below” them.  There are plenty job opportunities in this country.  Now is the time to get up and grind with whatever type of job is available, increasing the opportunities you will come across.

A perfect example of a man getting it done in this economy is my uncle.  Here is his story:

My uncle has been all over this country, as well as the world.  He got a good education and was a top dog at Bank of America before the 2008 recession hit.  At this time, many banks began to downsize at an alarming rate, and many were bailed out at government expense.  Before he was released from the bank, he did very well for his family, and did a great service for the bank.

Unlike most people in this economy, after his release from his well paying, high status job, he continued to do well for his family and do whatever he could to continue to add to his wealth.  Being a finance guy, he crunched the numbers and made a rigid budget for him and his family to stick to.  By the way, his family consists of my aunt, his three little girls, and his pet dog.  It is a difficult task to control the spending habits of the four females in his house alone.

He went from a powerful position at the bank to doing whatever it takes for his family’s survival.  He began to read books on financing, budgeting, and growing a person’s worth.  He did what many people in his position would refuse to do.  He started to create multiple flows on income.  He learned of a job available at Walmart…and he took it.  He took the job that provided little respect and self-worth.  He disliked the job very much, and occasionally had some really good stories about the people of Walmart, but he did what he could to keep his family’s lifestyle stable.

He also began selling real estate.  He continues to buy more property as his business expands.  He took advantage of every opportunity available to him.  If a neighbor needed a driveway shoveled, or some grass cut, he was the person who was taking the job.  He began scrapping any extra metals or aluminum anyone had.  He found every opportunity for income and he exploited it.

Unlike most people, his family’s lifestyle never had to change in the past few years after my uncle’s bank job.  He did whatever he needed to do to ensure that.  In the last year, my uncle and his family invested in an underground pool for their yard, installed a fence around their property, and bought a new vehicle.  These are not the cheapest investments.

My uncle has established a reputation as a hardworking, dependable person, willing to do any job with a positive attitude.  This reputation has led to a great deal of referrals by people he has done work for in the past few years.  He started consulting at a local bank a few times a week and today he has his own consulting business.

He has been very successful taking massive action, when most of his counterparts refused to take any action and blame the economy for their trouble.  His monetary success during this time is one of many examples of his expertise in consulting.  In a time when most people quit taking action and blames the economy, my uncle took even more action and had a whatever it takes attitude to get it done for him and his family.

I hope this inspires many of you to forget blaming your success/failure on outside forces.  At the end of the day, your success/failure is a direct reflection of you and what you are doing.  Never decline an opportunity.  Nothing is below you.  Do what you have to do.  Operate at levels of massive action.  Grow up and provide for yourself and your family.  The economy is no longer an excuse.



8. You’re young; these days are supposed to be carefree and fun.

This message is heard so often in our society.  From parents attempting to live through their children, encouraging their kids to do things they never got to try when they were younger, to collaborative songs by Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg.  You’re not supposed to have anything tying you down in life when you’re young, no obligations, no responsibility.  

Living carefree and fun means you are living without a purpose.  How can you have fun in life if you have no money, can’t afford your car or phone payments, and you don’t own anything?  

This is the time to work.  The time to grind.  The time to stay up late into the night working on a project, and still have the resilience to bounce up in the morning, have some caffeine and go at it again.  Many take a while to discover who they are at a young age.  Some people mature more quickly than others.  Jump into something.  Get involved.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  By getting involved and exploiting every opportunity you have while you are young, you will have fun.  More importantly, you will learn who you are.  

How are you supposed to know who you are if you continue to float through life on the same, carefree path.  Get out there and do something.  ANYTHING.  You will learn what you like and what you don’t like, the things you value, what is important to you and what you believe.  You’ll meet a ton of people who may prove to be invaluable resources later in your life.  You can’t sit around and use the excuse, “I’m young.  I’m supposed to live a carefree, fun life.”  That is just an EXCUSE.  

Quit fulfilling this misconception.  Don’t use it as an excuse, use it as an opportunity to rise above and get ahead.  Start playing the game called life.  Don’t follow the crowd.  Immerse yourself in something.  And never stop.  Live life to fulfill your potential, to satisfy your purpose.  That is the life worth living and working hard for.

9. You have to wait for the right moment because opportunity only knocks once.”

Whoever believes that they are meant to be at a specific spot, with a specific person, at a specific time, wearing a specific brand of underwear, etc. for some sort of opportunity to present itself will be too preoccupied looking for that specific scenario to see the constant opportunity that surrounds us.  It has nothing to do with being in the right place at the right time or luck.  Seizing an opportunity has to do with adjusting your way of thinking.  You must learn to see every interaction, every situation, every problem as an opportunity.  Because it is! 

We cannot take advantage of something if we don’t discipline ourselves to recognize an opportunity right in front of our faces.  You should really listen in every conversation you have.  Is the other person having a problem of their own that you have the solution to?  Does the other person have a possible connection to someone who could provide a solution to your own problems?  Does this person stimulate your thinking, helping you to come up with innovative, creative solutions to your problems that you would have otherwise never come up with on your own?  Every conversation we have, every person we meet, provides an opportunity.  Just because the other person doesn’t have the word “opportunity” stamped on their forehead, doesn’t mean they provide no value to you.  To exploit such opportunities, we must ask questions, really listen, and really care about what the person has to say.  You should be enthusiastic to find the opportunity that lies within the conversation you are about to have.  Make the most of every interaction you have throughout the day, the week, the year, every interaction.

Imagine the scenario: A few times a year, your company has a regional meeting.  Each company sends a few representatives of their branch to attend for the day.  This year you were chosen to represent your company.  There are two ways you can view your current situation:

View #1: This sucks.  I have to miss an entire day that I could be getting work done.  I have to car pool with my coworkers, one of which who always smells like greasy bacon.  I have to make awkward conversation until we arrive at the conference.  And oh the conference!  What a waste of my time.  They’ll show presentation after presentation, tells us about our goals, tell us where we need to improve, all the generic information that you forget a week after the news is brought back to the office.  Oh what a waste of my day!


View 2: Wow, my boss wants me to represent our company?  That is quite an honor.  This may be a way to develop a more meaningful relationship with my boss.  He is acknowledging that I can handle more responsibility and that I am reliable to go to this conference and bring back and share all the information I learned.  And car pooling will save me on gas money and give me an opportunity to catch up with my coworkers.  There was that one problem I was having a difficult time dealing with.  Maybe they will have some advice on how to deal with it.  I am excited to meet all the regional managers that will be gathered at the conference.  This is the chance to network with many of the top people in our company.  I’ll be fully prepared to get involved and share my ideas.  I want to give them something to remember.  Who knows, down the road, someone could refer me for a promotion based on what I put into this conference today…

We can choose to either acknowledge the positive or the negative aspects in any situation.  We must discipline ourselves to only think positively and open our minds to seeking out any opportunities that may lie in any situation.  The degree to which you are positive, directly affects the opportunities you will recognize.

A major place to seek opportunities is your problems.  Many people retreat and avoid their problems.  When someone fails to find a solution, they tend to back away from their problems and hope they will magically fix themselves.  First of all, it is unreasonable to think that a problem will solve itself.  Your problem will not be solved until you solve it.  Maybe the solution to the problem lies in an opportunity to come up with an innovative, new technology that will change the world.  Maybe you will patent this new technology.  And maybe once others learn of this technology you will have a company such as Google buy you out.  And maybe Google pays you so much for your patent that you never have to work another day in your life.  Think about it.  Would you ever have come up with that idea on your own if it wasn’t for the problem you were presented with.  Odds are, probably not. 

We create our own opportunities.  The way we see, interpret, and deal with each interaction, situation, and problem determines the opportunity we will open ourselves up to.  Change the way you think, and open yourselves up to endless opportunities.  Make it your goal to have so many opportunities that you can’t possibly take advantage of them all.  It is possible, just change your attitude!  Opportunities are all around you, do yourself a favor and become conscious of every opportunity, and exploit these opportunities until you find success.


Be A Young Hustler, Go Out There And Take Action

It’s a little after 4:30 am and I am up ready kick off my day and ACT.  I woke up, read my personal mission statement and enjoying a quiet breakfast.  It’s a good morning.  Something good is going to happen today, I can feel it…

I’m sure you guys are familiar with many of the following phrases:

“There aren’t enough hours in the day”

“So much to do, so little time”

“I just don’t have enough time”

And there are many more.  I’m sure a lot of you have used these very same phrases. I know I have.   But the GREAT news is that you can stop using these kinds of phrases because they are just excuses.  

The word “excuse” is a noun meaning “a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense” or as a verb, “release someone (in this case, meaning yourself) from a duty or requirement.  

There is absolutely NO reason to defendfault.  That is what lazy people do.  If you wish to succeed, you act on your fault.  Act so much that you in turn change your fault so there is no longer any existence of a fault.  That’s right, action literally makes your faults disappear. 

What would you do if you had no faults? Impossible? Nah. You just aren’t taking enough action!  In his book, The TenX Rule, Grant Cardone (@GrantCardone) powerfully states, “Any person who uses blame as the reason why something happened or did not happen will not accumulate real success in their life, and only will further his or her status as a slave on planet earth.”

That’s heavy that quote a couple times and really let it sink in.  There are two simple choices you have in life: to act or to make an excuse.  They both take the same amount of energy to do.  They both affect your life, family, friends, etc.  They both define your level of success.  They both define you as a person.

So which will you choose?  I hope you will join the movement to be a Young Hustler and get out there and ACT.  Success is waiting for you at the finish line; you get there by taking action that “everybody else” refuses to do, and by putting in more time, more heart, more everything than anyone else, and you have a golden path to the finish line.

Change your mindset and habits now.  Make the conscious decision as Grant Cardone encourages, “to make success your duty, obligation, and responsibility.”  Success is no longer an option, it is now your ethical responsibility. SO GET UP AND ACT, THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOU!

A rapper blog?

A baby con artist blog?

A pool shark blog?


Define: Young Hustler (noun) – a term coined by Grant Cardone (@GrantCardone) and Jarrod Glandt (@JarrodGlandt) of the radio show Young Hustlers, which can be found by subscribing to Grant Cardone on YouTube.  A Young Hustler is a person from the generation known as the Millenials, or Gen Y, who goes to extreme lengths to pursue their goals.  These individuals are willing to do whatever it takes to make something of themselves.

Young Hustlers don’t sit back and wait for opportunity; they go out and create opportunity for themselves by taking action every day.  Despite many stereotypes attributed to this generation (laziness, no communication skills, unambitious, etc.), a Young Hustler goes against opposition and goes against the norm and group think to gain a level of achievement that satisfies.  A level of achievement that satisfies.  You should no there isn’t this kind of level is a Young Hustler’s mindset.   Satisfies equals average. Young Hustlers want more, and when they get it, they go out and want some more.

These individuals defy the stereotypes of their generation and achieve success far greater than any average person ever imagined.  I am a Young Hustler.  I know what I want, and I won’t stop until I have it.  And when I have it, I’ll be looking for more.

Follow my blog to follow my story, and see how possible it is to be a Young Hustler and achieve the unimaginable.


Countdown To Success

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“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” ~Napoleon Hill

I am a 21 year old female hustler, ready for action.  But what action?

I have many goals in my life, some short-term, some long, some easily attainable, other nearly impossible.

To understand my success story, you must first understand my goals.  Many of these goals will change depending on what is going on in my life.  But I can guarantee that I will NEVER, I repeat, NEVER(!) lessen the attainment of my goals.

I set 10X goals.  What are 10X goals? Self-made man Grant Cardone (@GrantCardone) has written many books vital to success. Because of Grant Cardone’s book, The TenX Rule, I became motivated to do something with my life and set far-reaching goals for myself.  The major principle behind The TenX Rule (you can expect a post reviewing this amazing book shortly!) is to change your mindset and your level of action so that you operate on a 10X level.  A 10X level includes taking 10X the action than you think is necessary to accomplish something and having expectations that are 10X the ones you think you need to complete a task.  Grant Cardone stresses, you will never reach your full potential if you limit your mindset and actions; the greatest you will ever achieve is average.  

I plan to post a separate post outlining all my current goals, but this blog is about one goal in particular.  This is where the countdown begins. Where the high expectations begin.  Where the massive amount of action in pursuit of my goal begins:

1,825 days, 11 hours, 1 minute, 59 seconds

This is my countdown for achieving my ultimate goal: I own and operate a profitable drinking establishment with my dad before I turn 26 years old. 

This is it.  This is where all of my energy will be poured into over the next 4-5 years.  I will pay off my college debt before starting my own business and have capital saved up to reinvest in myself and my dad to make this business a reality.  I have been dreaming about this for a long time now and I am finally ready to hustle nonstop until this dream comes true.

“Impossible,” “Too high of expectations,” you say? I refuse to hear, see, or deal with any negativity.  Do not tell me that my goals are out of reach, instead of acknowledging this comment, I plan to show you that the only limits one has are those that one places on oneself. It may not be easy, but I don’t see the value of living for anything that is easy to accomplish.  Follow my blog, and in the next 4-5 years, come to my bar and have a drink on me! I’m guaranteeing this right now: I will personally invite anyone who follows my blog for a drink on me at my bar the day it opens.     

According to Forbes, 1 percent of the American population, and .01 percent of the entire nation, control 43 percent of the nation’s wealth.  Additionally, the next 4% controls another 29 percent.  This 1 percent has incomes roughly 540 TIMES THE NATIONAL AVERAGE! This disparity in America between the rich and the poor is only increasing.  In these times, one has only two options: to hustle their way to that 1 percent, or to commit a form of suicide by accepting themselves as average.

In this blog, I plan to provide a first-hand account of how I make it to that 1 percent.  Many resources exist to tell you how to achieve success.  TELL.  I plan to provide you with an application of the action, setbacks, sacrifices, and accomplishments among other things of my daily life on my road to success. 

I promise to preserve the integrity and honesty of my successes, and especially my failures and obstacles I run into along the way.  My hope is to inspire others to stop accepting average, and start actually living, by making the conscious decision to fulfill their innermost dreams and achieve their most intimidating goals.

So who is this young hustler? My name is Laura.  I plan to graduate in December of 2015 from Misericordia University in Dallas, Pennsylvania with a B.S. in sport management.  My graduation, however, is just a microscopic stepping stone in the grand scheme of what I will achieve in my lifetime. 

So this is some chick who has some big dreams? So what? 

I am not only some chick with big dreams; I am the chick who is setting a strict deadline on her big dreams and determined to make them a reality.  I am the chick who is willing to expose herself in the conquest of achieving her goals on an insane timeline.  I am the chick willing to expose myself to the potential humility of failing and broadcasting it to the world. 

Why? Because I know failure is not an option and if you follow my blog, I will show you how success can be achieved if you are a dedicated hustler

THIS, is a story of a FEMALE HUSTLER, and how she became successful and achieved all of her dreams and desires…